Martha Soutar

Project Field Recordings


  • Auchterarder, Perthshire
  • Fieldworker: Margaret Bennett (MB) with Hazel Cameron (HC)
  • Audio Format: Digital Mic, EDIROL
  • Transcribed: Hazel Cameron
  • Publication: In preparation
  • Date: Tuesday, 04 February 2014

INDEXED: Hazel Cameron

Track 01

Track 02
-History Association & Ayton Hall
-Born in Auchterarder
-Growing up near Auchterarder Station
-Porter & Relief Railwayman
-Father’s whistle
-WRI valuation

Track 03
-Signal Box
-Goods yard & shunting
-During the war;
-Morrisons’s Academy
-Private Commercial School in Perth
-Entrance exam for Railway Clerk
-LMS railway company
-Auchterarder Motor Company
-Going to Crieff by Rail from Gleneagles
-First day at work
-The passengers
-Horses & Liveries
-After Dunkirk, 5th division;
-Further exams
-1943-1947 volunteered for the airforce

Track 04
-WAF uniform
-Travelling Glasgow to Manchester
-Dental Nursing;
-Part Provisioning
-Redcar - course
-Burton Wood air base
-Plane parts and reassembly
-Leave - not going by plane
-Cheap rail travel
-After the war
-Army reserve
-WAF uniform
-Badges to Blue Peter
-Hampshire Royal Engineers - movement

Track 05
-Plymouth badly blitzed
-Circular line from Auchterarder/Crieff /Dunblane
-Auchterarder Station after the war
-Motor transport
-Potato trade
-Berry Farms
-Boys from Tranent to pick berries
-Pipe band
-Auchterarder cinema
-Transport of livestock on trains
-Sheep wintering
-Auchterarder livestock market
-Clydesdale Horses to St Boswells
-Horse boxes in trains
-Charges for transporting
-1952 Gleneagles station summer appointment
-1955 permanent at Gleneagles
-Tourist train ticket
-August shooting
-Tinkers at Tullibardine

Track 06
-Auchterarder closed 1956

Track 07
-Opening 1848
-Beeching Cuts
-Father’s working life
-Cycling to Gleneagles
-Travelling to Plymouth
-Catering on trains

Track 08
-Historical Society

Track 09
-Auchterarder Rhyme
-Auchterarder Mills

Track 10
-Hampers of thread for mills
-Gleneagles knitwear
-The Lang toon
-Painting the station
-Gleneagles station booking office

Track 11
-Scottish Central Railway book
-Photos of station etc


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