Billy Gardiner


  • Date: Friday, 23 January 2015

Informant(s):Billy Gardiner [BG] (with his son Sandy [SG])
Place:Comrie, Perthshire
Date:Jan. 23, 2015
Fieldworkers:Lynn Duke & Margaret Bennett[MB]
Original format:Edirol digital mic
Transcription: Michelle Melville

BG: Aye, trains were a good thing, ken
SG: you used to send pigeons all over the country, show pigeons
BG: I used to show pigeons
MB: Show pigeons from Comrie
BG: On the train, aye
SG: Was it the … show in London you got big win or something ….
MB: Oh you used to show them yourself?
BG: Oh aye
MB: I was just wondering if you had sort of aviaries out here
BG: Aye
MB: So you kept the doos yourself, you’re a man for the doos
BG: Bald-headed tumblers I had
MB: Bald-headed tumblers
BG: I liked the black ones … white wings, a white tail an a white head…
BG: In the old days you could take a train from Lochearnhead, stop off in Comrie for a few hours an still get to Perth for the afternoon…
BG: I’ve got a photograph of Crearer’s, the Smiddy, it’s been in the papers that one with the horses getting, the ponies from the glen, they used to come doon every year all tied, the rope was tied to the tail of one an tae the head of the other ken an then they went doon tae … doon tae the old station where they had the Caledonian stables what they called, that was Caledonian railway had the stables there an Ancaster estates used to rent them an then they used to hire out this ponies to different estates you see

There was men in Comrie who remembered when the railway was built and then when it closed. Laggan Park, was a big mound of earth at one time, and that’s where they got all the earth to make the embankment. Of course everything came on the train, the cattle and sheep. They’d get set off to winter, some went to Fife and some went to Speyside.