Lola Corrieri

Project Field Recordings


  • Kelty, Fife
  • Fieldworker: Margaret Bennett
  • Audio Format: Digital mic, Edirol
  • Transcribed: Michelle Iona Melville
  • Date: Thursday, 27 March 2014

Indexed      By:Hazel Cameron

Track 1:           Intro

                Full Name, Kelty, family Italian

                       Blood condition           , languages


Track 2:           About the project, ‘The End of the Shift’. What happens next Community cohesion


Track 3:           History of coming to Fife, father’s school, foreigners

                        Father born 1884.

                        The War, rationing, the chip shops – ice cream, sweets

                        Rheumatic fever.

                        Mining area – father working in the Pit. Brother a Bevan boy.

                        Brothers: Fireman, Policeman, Clydebank blitz, Black Watch

                        Italian descent, can’t serve two masters, not knowing if Italian family were alive.

                        Ayrshire pits, listening to sounds.

                        Family came from crofting.

                        Employees – don’t employ two sisters. Cowdenbeath bank manager

                        May day celebrations

                        Working on Sundays to buy extras

                        Grants for children’s university

                        Kelty gala day – ice cream cart & van

                        A car in the 1930s – letting out garages and other cars, Austin 7

                        Heritage book about Kelty – writing/woodwork classes

                        Brother teaching to drive

                        Money and savings

                        First job – working in the shop

                        Father’s and brother’s death

                        Took on the Post Office


Track 4:           Working in the 80s in the Post Office as Post Master

                        Bullet-proof screens

                        Miners strikes of 80s

                        Early closure of pits in Fife

                        Lindsay disaster

                        Helping a miner’s minor. Keep the child until strike was over

                        Collections of goods to help those on strike


Track 5:           Buying shoes

                        Different shifts – tying up trousers to stop rats

                        Miner’s leaning against walls or hedges because they can’t breathe

                        Baths at the pits

                        Keeping horses/ponies – giving a bit of field for play park and football

                        Road in field that went to the Lindsay Pit

                        One man drank pint of milk every day

                        Baths in house, by the fire…photograph

                        Using computers


Track 6:          The girls in Kelty going to service or working in factories

                        Miner’s towels


Track 7:          Carpet Squares – miners towels, soap

                       Skirts. Sending to Bosnia.


Track 8:          Miners towels went to Bosnia


Track 9:          Photo


Track 10:        John Redmond has a few things about Kelty and photos


Track 11:        The Brass band and the Pipe band.  All miners. Cooperative plays.

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